A middle aged disabled man lives alone in a small apartment flat with one window, overlooking the garden’s small house. He has fallen in love with the girl who lives in this house. Every day, he longs to quietly see her from his window as she goes in and out of her house.

He may not be able to express himself in language but seeing her speaks ocean-lengths of hope for living. Through this journey in love, his confined world feels like the freedom of sailing seas. His days and nights continue like this until one day the man finds out the girl has left her house…



Reza is a British Iranian filmmaker and producer. He began making short amateur films at the tender age of 16, while participating with the Young Iranian Cinema Society. He subsequently gained production experience and along with this, the opportunity to introduce himself as a young talented producer in a number of various short amateur film festivals in Iran. He later entered the professional Iranian cinema as an actor and appeared in a numbers of feature film from mid 90s until the beginning of 2000s. Reza moved to the UK in 2008 and has continued his career in film and film studies – he has worked with a TV production company where he produced a number of TV documentaries. However, Reza’s true passions lie in telling unique stories, acting and directing. Parallel Windows is his latest experience as a director in the drama category… continue


Cast & Crew


Shahin Parvizi, Maral Jodat

Writer, Director & Editor

Reza Kermani


Arash Aliahmadi

Sound designer

Alireza Alavian

Production designer

Denisa Dumitrescu


Omid Raiesdana

Makeup Artist

Babak Eskandari

Colour Correction & Grading

Ali Al Abbad


Arash Ashtiani


Reza Kermani, Tania Khojasteh

Executive Producer

Ali Farahani

Production Company


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